Hundreds of runners take part in the 10th annual Muslim Charity Run

The 10th Muslim Charity Run took place today, Sunday 9 October 2022. This healthy 5km fun run, organised by the East London Mosque and supported by major Muslim charities, including the London Marathon, saw hundreds of runners fundraise for good causes in London’s Victoria Park. 

Runners warmed up together before the start to ensure everyone was ready for the course. They then set off at 10.40 am on a clear sunny morning, with friends and family loudly cheering them on. 

Trophies were presented to the fastest runners from each of six age categories, and all participants received our custom-made medals. 

The first to complete the course was Seyfu Jamaal, running on behalf of the charity Help Yateem, in an incredible time of just 15 minutes and 49 seconds. 

Winners in each of the age groups were presented with their trophies by ELMT Trustees and Councillor Musthaq Ahmed:

  • Under 12s: Umar Ullah (28:50)
  • 13–17: Samuel Crane (19:57)
  • 18–30: Seyfu Jamaal (15:49) 
  • 31–45: Russell Khan (20:52) 
  • 46–55: Rashid Ali (22:40) 
  • 56+: Abdul Latif (28:31)

Race timing results for on the day can be found here:

The Muslim Charity Run has raised over £1million collectively for charitable causes since 2012, with over 44 charities participating this year.

Dilowar Khan, Director of Engagement for the East London Mosque, said:

The 10th Muslim Charity Run marks a great milestone in our community. For the past decade, we’ve been on a mission to highlight living healthier lifestyles in a more engaging, fun and active way.

It’s fantastic to see so many people coming together to support charities. The event is not just about raising money and awareness, it’s about bringing people together to celebrate the positive impact of sport on health and well-being. 

Tozommul Ali, Fundraising Manager for the Mosque, added:

Thousands of pounds have been raised for worthy causes that will help people far and beyond. Today’s event highlights the importance of the Muslim Charity Run in our community, and how we can all come together to help others. Of course, this would never have been possible without our sponsors, volunteers and staff, so I thank them all. 

Hamid Vaghefian, Head of Community Engagement for London Marathon, said:

London Marathon Events is proud to be supporting the Muslim Charity Run for the first time. This event aligns closely with our mission of inspiring activity, and our strategic objectives to increase participation among under-represented communities. We are excited to see how we can develop our relationship with East London Mosque and the wider Muslim community to build on this year’s event and create more opportunities for the local community to get active more regularly. 

To date, over 8,000 runners have taken part in the annual Muslim Charity Run, and hundreds of runners have then gone on to take part in other marathons, such as the London Marathon.

The event also featured numerous children’s activities, such as bouncy castles, bungee runs, and gladiators, as well as health-related stalls by doctors where attendees can get a free health check. All-in-all, the Muslim Charity Run 2022 was an amazing day for everyone taking part.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge all our sponsors:

London Marathon Events, LaunchGood, Bamfords Trust Ltd, Al-Khair Foundation, Human Relief Foundation, Islamic Relief, Muslim Help UK, Help Yateem, Human Appeal, Farani Taylor Solicitors, Wahed, Ottoman Donor, Lonely Orphans, Muntada Aid, Global Relief Trust, 13 Rivers Trust, Ertugrul Mangal, Sarkar Solicitors, Muslim Aid, London Sunnah Circumcision.

Photos from the day can be found here. Like & Share (Credit: Rehan Jamil):

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Photo credit: Rehan Jamil